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No Whining!


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Editorial Reviews:

"If you ever struggle with calmly and consistently dealing with whining children, cozy up with this book and your little ones. Both you and your little listeners will gain essential life lessons."-Anne Wegener, Practical Homeschooling #62

"This is an excellent parenting training aid picture book designed for ages 1-5. It focuses on a family of cats. When mama takes her three kittens out to play and offers rewards for good behavior, one of her kits gets so overly excited, he begins to whine. When that happens, his mother has to remind him that when you whine, you get nothing. This has to happen over ice cream and a balloon before it really sinks in that whining gets you nothing. We rated this book four hearts." -Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

Customer Reviews:

 “…a very creative way of reinforcing the no whining policy!”   -Bookstore, Millbrook, NY

…a clever –innovative book… Of course I have already started to recommend it…   -Pediatrician, Jacksonville, FL

“We really liked the book and are indeed recommending it to customers…  It’s a great message in an entertaining story… We plan to make it one of our permanent selections.”  -Bookstore, Lexington, MO

“…a good teaching lesson, and what wonderful artwork, too!"   -Reader, Houston, TX

“I love No Whining and have it prominently displayed at the front of the children's section.  It is very clear and succinct and extremely well executed"  -Bookstore, New Orleans,LA

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